Vibralite Healing / Full-body Healing Experience

Vibralite Healing / Full-body Healing Experience

This is a holistic healing system that sends optimum sound and light frequencies to the exact areas of the body that require healing. This enables your entire being to resonate at its own natural frequency, empowering your body to heal itself. This powerful healing modality promotes self-healing, restores natural health, and releases blocks and imbalances that cause illness and dis-ease. It's a very deep healing experience that infuses into all levels of the mind, body, and spirit and raises your vibration and energy. This method utilizes sound and light frequencies, color therapy, and crystalline energy.

*All Emotion Code and Theta Healing Sessions include a complimentary Vibralite Healing.

Note: All sessions are done by distance over the phone, email, or zoom session

30 min

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