Emotional Clearing using The Emotion Code Healing System

Emotional Clearing using The Emotion Code Healing System

This technique releases emotional baggage weighing you down because you don’t have to live with it anymore. I know how powerful it is from first-hand experience because it saved my life. I struggled with depression, overwhelm, low self-esteem, self-sabotage, addiction, and anxiety my entire life until I was introduced to this healing technique. It helped me so much that I am passionate about helping everybody I can. Freeing yourself will allow you to create the life you truly deserve. YOU ARE WORTHY OF FEELING HAPPINESS, JOY, AND HAVING GREAT HEALTH!

So, what is the Emotion Code?

Well, we now know that much of our suffering in life is simply due to unprocessed negative emotions stemming from past emotionally charged events, right? They literally become ‘trapped’ within us. These invisible energy balls, unfortunately, go undiagnosed by conventional medicine and can interfere with your body’s proper functioning of organs and tissues, can cause acute pain, discomfort, mental illness, disease, and block our bodies from feeling true joy, happiness, and deep connections to others. Perhaps most damaging of all, trapped emotional energies can gather around your heart, cutting off your ability to give and receive love. Releasing trapped emotions can create the proper conditions for the body to heal resulting in better physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

The Emotion Code is an energy healing technique designed to help identify and literally release trapped emotions. Many current and past clients of the Emotion Code modality have reported significant improvement or even disappearance of emotional and physical ailments that were addressed during a session.

Whatever the issue is, The Emotion Code can help.

Note: All sessions are done by distance over the phone, email, or zoom session


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